The Ejacon wipe is used to treat premature ejaculation and assist with erectile dysfunction. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.


The Ejacon wipe is intended for external use, and by adult males only (18 years or older). One wipe should be used per application, and may be effective for up to 48 hours after the first application (Individual results may differ).
  1. Open an Ejacon wipe towelette bag and remove towelette.
  2. With the towelette wrapped around the penis stroke the glans and corona-salcus area in a back and forwards motion repeatedly for up to 30 seconds. The lotion contained in the towelette will be absorbed into the skin of the penis.
  3. Now, in a kneading motion, squeeze the towelette while it is still wrapped around the penis. This will squeeze more of the lotion out of the towelette.
  4. The effectiveness of the Ejacon wipe is directly related to the extent to which the lotion is absorbed.
  5. For first time users, only squeeze a little of the lotion from the towelette. You can always apply more liquid if you find it not effective.

Avoid contact with the eyes, nose and mouth.
Keep out of reach of children.
If you have a cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high blood lipid, diabetes or other similar conditions, consult your health care practitioner before using Ejacon wipes.


When used as directed, Ejacon wipes have no known side effects.


5.5 x 3cm per towelette.
Each towelette is individually wrapped in an aluminium pouch.

  1. The Ejacon wipe is used to prevent premature ejaculation. It also assists the penis to stay harder and become longer.
  2. The Ejacon wipe can be used to sterilize the penis.
  3. The Ejacon wipe can be used to prevent bacterial cross-contamination during sexual intercourse.


After using the Ejacon wipe the penis may feel hot and aroused, this is normal.
If you are using the Ejacon wipe for the first time do not apply too much of the lotion.
Do not use if the skin of the penis is cut or damaged.
Try not to stroke the liquid on the external urethral orifice.


It is natural and safe.

  1. Only naturally found herbs are used,
  2. There are no side effects,
  3. The Ejacon wipe can be used on a long term basis, and
  4. The extracts do not pass through the liver.

Effective, Rapid onset with long-lasting benefits.

  1. The Ejacon wipe is effective from the first dose,
  2. It is applied only 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse and has a rapid onset and
  3. The effect of the Ejacon wipe may last for up to 48 hours.

The Ejacon wipe is easy to use and convenient and discrete to carry around. Each Ejacon wipe is individually packaged for hygienic reasons .





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